Our Story



Our story:  In 2001 our daughter Morgan was born, happy, healthy, thriving, and we were elated – delighting as every parent does in each smile, coo, and new skill. By the time Morgan was two, she was extremely thin (despite the massive amounts of food she ate) with chronic dark circles under her eyes, complaints of belly aches, and night sweats almost every night. Little did we know that simply removing gluten from her diet would resolve her symptoms and cause her little 20 pound body to gain 8 pounds in only 8 weeks! 



 In the meantime (before Morgan was diagnosed) we had our second daughter, Sydney. Sydney suffered from chronic diarrhea and a belly that was so rounded we thought it would surely pop if she bumped into something too hard. Once we discovered celiac disease the symptoms miraculously disappeared. And so our journey began......... 

Gluten Free Sensations


  I went to work in the kitchen, spending countless hours trying to prepare baked goods that I could serve with confidence to our non-celiac friends and family. As a result, Gluten Free Sensations is born. It is the culmination of endless hours of research, time, laughter and tears. Each product has passed with flying colors in the non-celiac population. So from my kitchen to yours, find a quiet moment of peace, and ENJOY! 

Brooklyn and Lucas


 After Note: Since we discovered celiac disease, our family grew by 2. We learned that Brooklyn and Lucas have even stronger genetic predisposition toward celiac disease than their older sisters and therefore remain gluten free. 



We might be a little crazy...

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But we are ALWAYS FAMILY!!